20 Things I Learned by 20

Today’s my 20th birthday, and what better way to commemorate that than a blog post about the 20 most important things I learned in the past 2 decades?

1. Dream big.
2. Be bold and daringly yourself.
3. Be a good, kind, loving, gentle, caring human being.
4. Pay attention.
5. Think, but not so much so that you never act.
6. Wake up earlier.
7. You are responsible for everything in your life. Go create your own story.
8. Embrace joy and optimism.
9. Life is full of opportunities waiting to be seized.
10. Never base your decisions on the advice of those who don’t have to deal with the results.
11. Say yes to new adventures.
12. Your environment matters, so surround yourself with uplifting people and cut off the toxic ones.
13. Journal and take photos.
14. Do right by yourself.
15. Act on your intentions, but never rashly without thought.
16. Kindness is the most attractive quality.
17. Enjoy the moment.
18. Your thoughts shape your future.
19. Emotions are important. Listen to them.
20. You are your own saviour.

and to end off on a personal favourite quote of mine from Taylor Swift,

without your past
you could’ve never have arrived –
so wondrously and brutally,
By design or some violent, exquisite happenstance



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