Book Review: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

A well known poetry book that I’m sure many people have heard about or read. I finally got around to reading Milk and Honey this month, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Filled with poems about love, loss, and healing, there’s bound to be one poem that speaks to every person.

Rating: 4/5 stars

I loved how the book was split into 4 sections – the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. It facilitated the ability to open up to a specific section that suits your mood and indulge in the poems. Opening up about femininity and feminine strength, it’s bound to make you think and reflect upon your own life. Rupi Kaur uses words beautifully to empower you and remind you that you are a shining light that deserves to burn as brightly as possible.

One thing I will say though, was that there were certain poems that seemed just like sentences written out. For me, I wasn’t a huge fan of “the hurting” and I did seem to gravitate more towards the poems in “the healing”. Of course, this will vary from person to person, and is perhaps indicative of what we desire most and what we’re feeling in that specific moment. I enjoyed going through a series of emotions as I indulged, some of which even brought me close to tears. Overall, a fantastic, empowering read, and I can’t wait to read The Sun and Her Flowers.

Below, I’ve included some of my favourite poems from Milk and Honey.

1) This couldn’t not be a favourite of mine, after all, it’s in my blog name! I love the imagery associated with this one, and makes me fantasize about all the repercussions and consequences that come with this one sentence.


she was a rose


2) I loved how Rupi destroyed the idea that women are always against other women in this. I stand strongly by the idea that empowered women empower women, so this to me was a beautiful read.

You tell me poem


3) This one really spoke to me: there could be nothing more beautiful than a power couple coming together and uniting their empires.

I do not want to hav eyou


4) Hands down one of my favourites in the entire book. Beauty is a touchy subject, and a subjective one at that. There is ultimately no objective definition of what is and isn’t beautiful, and those who force such a definition are wrong to their core. Forcing one standard of beautiful upon everyone in the world is impossible and unrealistic, and calling someone ugly because they don’t fit your standard of beauty does not mean they are ugly – it means that you’re unable to look past your own concrete definition of beauty and accept other definitions. 


5) You are so much more than your outward appearance: who you are on the inside; your values, your thoughts, your beliefs, how you treat people, and how you overcome difficulty are what make you unique, special, and amazing.

i want to apologize to all the women


Milk and Honey is a must-read – beautiful, poetic and empowering, Rupi Kaur’s words will resonate with you.



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