My 2018 Goals/Resolutions

Every year, I like to think of ways I can improve myself and work towards a “better me”. These aren’t necessarily things that are restricted to 2018 only, but are general goals I strive towards that I’d like to use to motivate myself towards creating a better version of myself and thriving this year. I thought I’d share my goals/resolutions to hold myself accountable and perhaps motivate/inspire you guys to share yours as well!

  1. Improve my Mandarin Abilities

    This is one of my most important goals as I’ve realized that my Mandarin abilities have deteriorated. So for this year, I am making it a goal to enhance my Mandarin vocabulary so that my speaking is much more descriptive and I don’t require as many English words to describe what I think/mean. Furthermore, I’d love to be able to improve my ability to read and write, given that my current lack of ability is frustrating and a bit embarrassing. I’m going to set aside 1-2 hours a week for starters to look over and study, starting from the basics. Let’s see how this goes!

  2. Keep Up with This Blog (and Instagram)

    I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time since I genuinely enjoy writing and found myself creatively stuck in university. I thought that I would just jump into it and start, whether or not my blog is perfect. It is a learning process, right? I’ve been wanting a way to write out my thoughts and share them with others, so I thought this would be the perfect way to hold me accountable for my writing! I also have an Instagram account (click here) that I hope to keep up with this year! My goal is to write 2 blog posts a month, and post every day on instagram (I’m worried about this goal, but here’s to hoping!). Let’s see how this goes!

  3. Improve my Productivity

    I suppose this goes hand in hand with #6, but I’ve noticed that my productivity is relatively low due the ease at which I get distracted and start daydreaming. To prevent this, I’m going to start eliminating my distractions, using different study methods like the Pomodoro method, and breaking down all my big tasks to make everything more manageable!

  4. Achieve More Balance

    I used to focus too much on school work, but then I started to relax too much and stress about school without actually doing any school work. Weird, right? So, it’s time to start achieving real balance. I’m going to stop using “self-care” excuses to not do school work, not to say that you shouldn’t take time off to care of yourself, but I used it as an excuse to not do anything academically related, and it harmed me. Sometimes, self-care is doing schoolwork, in my case, at least. In addition, I’ve realized that I sometimes stay in conversations/events that distract me from my goals. Therefore, it’s time to start removing myself from such situations without feeling as if I’m missing out on anything. And finally, what’s balance without balancing my eating habits with exercise, schoolwork, personal time, and sleep. Here’s to time managing properly this year!

  5. Acknowledge and Learn My Emotions

    Simply put, everyone feels and experiences emotions. At the end of it, emotions make you strong, and vulnerability is strength, so be honest with yourself.

  6. Fewer Distractions and More Meaningful Time Spent

    I’ve realized that I’ve become quite attached to my phone and it’s a huge distractor for me. I’m going to put away technology when I’m with friends and family; a sign of respect and courtesy at the very least. Furthermore, it’s time I started paying more attention to what people are really saying, whether or not there are any subtle hints. Hopefully, this provides me with a lot more understanding and appreciation of the people around me and generating stronger bonds.

  7. Daily Gratitude

    There are so many things in life for me to be grateful about. Even when I’m feeling negative, there are at least three things at any given time for which I can be grateful.

  8. Take Action!

    Because what are words and plans without action?


All the best to everyone on their goals and resolutions, and once again, Happy 2018!



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